Founding Member/Lead Collaborator

Dr. Danielle Georgiou is a choreographer, director, and performer based in Dallas, TX. She has trained in classical and contemporary ballet, modern and contemporary dance, GAGA, and contact partnering and improvisation. Her primary focus as an artist plays the intersection of performance art, visual art, contemporary dance and physical theatre to flip the traditional constraints of concert dance. Her stage and video work deals with puzzles found in femininity—vulnerability, deformity, and beauty. Her work has been performed and exhibited nationally in Texas, New York, California, Florida, and internationally in Scotland and Germany.

Danielle started dancing at the age of three and continued performing throughout her childhood and teenage years, and it was in college when she began to realize that dance was more than just a passion, it was her life’s journey. She began to focus on the intersection between dance, education, and politics during her Master’s program in Political Science, and pursued her Ph.D. in Humanities-Aesthetic Studies with a concentrated focus on contemporary dance theatre practices.

She began dancing professionally in 2007 and in 2011, she started the dance theatre company, the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, that works within the ideas of contemporary dance, musical theatre, and physical theatre. She is also a Professor of Dance at Dallas College-Eastfield campus and it is there that she met and began to work with Colby Calhoun. 

Danielle started performing with Very Good Dance Theatre in 2018 with the premiere of Elephant Antonyms at the Festival of Independent Theatre Underground. She choreographed VGDT’s First Annual Gay Show, and starred in Plant Mom. She is excited to be a part of this collaborative team of artists and to continue to develop work alongside these talented performers. 


photo by Justin Locklear

Concept 6 for Seven Against Thebes, feat

Danielle in ELEPHANT ANTONYMS photo by Justin Locklear

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