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Our ensemble consists of an ever-growing and constantly changing group of artists, designers, and collaborators that work in different capacities project-to-project. We play with the power structure of a traditional theatre model allowing our collaborators to wear as many or as little hats in the production process as they like, and although we know this method is technically a radical restructuring of the creative process, in comparison to methods currently more popularly used, we like to think that putting the power back into the hands of the people sharing their stories is just the right thing to do.

All of our collaborators either identify as a member of the queer community or a person from a BIPOC community, with many of us identifying and interacting with the world as both. In an effort to further gender and racial equity, and safety, for our collaborators we feel it is important to only hire from these communities, and to be transparent about that practice.

Current Collaborators

William Acker (he/they/she)
Elaina Alspach (she/her)

Colby Calhoun (they/she)

Bwalya Chisanga (she/they)
Quinn Coffman (she/her)

Past Collaborators

Chris Sanders (they/them) - Performer

Rai Barnard (they/them) - Performer

Sasha Maya Ada (she/her) - Guest Director

Whitney Coulter (she/her) - Guest Director

Nick Leos (he/him) - Guest Director

Cheyenne Farley (she/her) - Stage Management

irving eduardo (they/them) - Writer/Performer

Lagniappe (she/her) - Writer/Performer

Clew (they/he) - Writer/Performer

Natassia Diggs (she/her) - Writer/Performer

Danielle Georgiou (she/her) - Movement Director/Performer

Hailey Green (she/her) - Stage Management

Lori Honeycutt-Phillips (she/her) - Lighting Design

Taylor Cleveland (he/him) - Projection Design

Kelli Howard (she/her) - Stage Management

Gloria Benavides (she/her) - Writer/Performer

Jeff Burleson (he/him) - Performer

Becki McDonald (she/her) - Performer

Eli Webb (they/them) - Writer/Performer

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