it's my party, and u can cry if u want to

2021 Arts Mission Oak Cliff Arist-In-Residence

it's my party, and u can cry if u want to is a community remembering, reliving, and reimagining of gatherings from our past, present, and hopeful future. In this interactive and experiential dance theatre performance the audience is invited to share a memory, join a dance, cry, laugh, and cry again with us, as we all ask: who do we share our lives with and why.

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AT&T PAC's Elevator Project 2021
(Video work by Danielle Georgiou, Projections by Taylor Cleveland, Lighting by Lori Honeycutt-Phillips, and Choreography by Colby Calhoun and Danielle Georgiou)

TENANTS/TENETS is a futurist dance theatre experiment that changes in each instance! With the aid of technology the ants (the performers) and the tenants (that's you!) generate a brand new society each night! Through heavy focus on an interview based devising process, which the audience also engages in, TENANTS/TENETS builds a world where the needs, wants, and dreams of Queer and Trans People of Color lie at the center.

Plant Mom

2020 Virtual Festival of Independent Theatres

Plant Mom is a non-story about a woman at home, alone, with her plants. Plant Mom explores feelings of isolation, loneliness, distance, and longing for connection. The question remains unanswered: are these feelings really new, or have we been avoiding them all along?

Plant Mom is available for viewing in full for free!

The 1st Annual Gay Show

2019 Festival of Independent Theatres

(choreography by Danielle Georgiou)

The 1st Annual Gay Show is a spectacle filled piece of verbatim dance theatre that both pulls directly from and abstracts the format of a traditional southern beauty pageant while dissecting the ideas of queer visibility, diversity and inclusion, and the role that outward vanity plays in the queer identity. 

The 1st Annual Gay Show pushes past the surface level of simply including trans and queer people of color and instead brings their stories, and unique experiences, to center stage and pulls back the curtain (puns intended) to reveal the nasty truth behind the smiles, the glitz, and the glamour.

E. ANT. 2 photo by Justin Locklear.JPG

photo by Justin Locklear


FIT Underground (2018)

ELEPHANT ANTONYMS is an absurdist romp through the subconscious that deals with loss, memory, and responsibility. Through a deconstruction of the grief cycles the characters around the biblical character Adam (mis)guide him through his reimagining of what his story could be.

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