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In 2021 we were chosen to join the first cohort of Artists-in-Residence at Arts Mission Oak Cliff! This page stands to archive our body of work while in residence. If you would like to contact us about our work at Arts Mission or future residencies (or similar opportunities) elsewhere, please fill out our contact form and we will respond ASAP!


October 10th - December 5th
Every OTHER Sunday from  12-1:30PM
(suggested $10 donation)

DANCE LAB is a community movement class! That means we're coming together to collaborate on learning movement techniques that work for us, for you, and everywhere between! We invite dancers, actors, artists, teachers, mothers, daughters, Facebook scrollers, and Netflix-and-chill-ers alike to join us for our 5 class series. Our goal in this series is to inspire everyone to connect, communicate, and collaborate with those around you with confidence and joy. Come join the VGDT fam and share a safe space for creation and collaboration with us! We promise you'll have a very good time!

October 10th - WHAT DO YOU HAVE? - led by Colby Calhoun

October 23th - WHAT DO YOU NEED? - led by Colby Calhoun

November 7th - WHAT DO YOU WANT? - led by William Acker & Elaina Alspach

November 21st - HOW DO YOU GIVE? - led by William Acker & Elaina Alspach

December 5th - HOW DO YOU RECEIVE? - led by Colby Calhoun


it's my party, and u can cry if u want to
December 5th-18th @ 8PM
(sliding scale from $15-$30)

it's my party, and u can cry if u want to is a community remembering, reliving, and reimagining of gatherings from our past, present, and hopeful future. In this (COVID-conscious) interactive and experiential dance theatre performance the audience is invited to share a memory, join a dance, cry, laugh, and cry again with us, as we all ask: who do we share our lives with and why.



William Acker (he/him)

Elaina Alspach (she/her)

Colby Calhoun (they/she)

Bwalya Chisanga (she/they)

Quinn Coffmann (she/her)

irving eduardo (they/them)



December 9th @ 8PM

December 10th @ 8PM

December 16th @ 8PM

December 17th @ 8PM

December 18th @ 8PM


This performance is devised by the ensemble, influenced by our community, and performed graciously thanks to our residency at Arts Mission Oak Cliff. To learn more about AMOC visit


open mic nighT

October 1st, 2021 @ 8PM
(suggested $10 donation)

Come share the stage with us and start our residency off with a bang! This night will feature performances from our collaborators past, present, and (hopefully) future... that means you! We're looking for short acts of all kinds (uh, except scary ones dangerous ones, like drunk texting your ex) to take the stage and join the VGDT family. Come to laugh, cry, sing, and/or dance your heart out and find out how we plan to bring community, collaboration, and cool dance theatre to Oak Cliff!

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