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send us something sexxy?

For queer and trans people sexuality is always a topic of conversation, some would argue it is an essential part of our identities. Furthermore, over and over again we are made to feel shame for who it is we desire and how we express those desires, and through that logic, we learn to feel shame and disgust about the bodies we live in. We refute those ideas. We do not feel shame in our desires, in our lovers, or in our bodies, and we want you to join us in that.

For the liberation and celebration of all queer bodies, especially Black and Brown queer bodies, we're asking you to send us something sexxxy (anonymously). This could be your favorite nude, a screenshot from a video you've made, or you could take something new for this. We'll collage the photos and install them as art at The 2nd Annual Gay Show. This is an opportunity for us to (safely) eXXXpress ourselves, showcase our ASSsets, and stand in community and solidarity with so many queer people who's bodies have been deemed undesirable, shameful, or just plain bad, but your body is not bad it's actually very good. ;)


First, make sure your picture(s) and file names don't include anything incriminating or identifying! Next, to stay completely anonymous, upload your picture(s) to a file-sharing website in which you can share a link (i.e. WeTransfer or Once you have a download link you can fill out the form below!


- to only use the photos for this production.

- not to store any digital or physical copies of your photos once we close.

- to remove any photos if you revoke your consent.

- to celebrate your body, however it is, whoever you are.


- that everyone that appears in your photos is over 18 years of age.

that all photos are of you and/or someone who consents to sharing their image.

- that none of your photos feature anything illegal and/or depict or inflict harm on yourself or others.

So? What are you waiting for?
Send us something sexxxy, sexy! <3

Thanks babe!

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